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By agreeing to contract with Abbey Decking Systems & Fencing Services you agree to comply with all of the following terms and conditions which are not all encompassing and may have (in addition to the aspects below) have further definitions depending on the type of project requested/carried out. 

These terms and conditions may be updated at any time.

Prices - Materials are constantly getting more expensive and can rise weekly.
Suppliers put this down to "Brexit" and the fact that a great deal of the timber is imported from France/EU countries.
Quotes will only be valid for 7 days.


Access/permission to work in dangerous areas -  Where applicable the customer may need to apply for access for work to be completed.  Any work which needs to be completed near railway lines or other potentially dangerous areas may need permission.

If there is limited access at your property then please talk to your neighbor/s and ask if we can gain access via their property or use their parking space/area as projects will not be considered if it means taking materials though someones house etc. or where there is very limited  space to park vehicles. 

This is especially important where tonnes of stone, sand and concrete is required for a project.


Boundaries - Due to legal statutes we will only replace fencing where existing fencing is sited.  It is not our responsibility to redefine where old or new bounderies are sited. 

This is detailed within the owners deeds.and should be agreed with the neighbours in advance if any changes will be made and solicitors input may be required.


Contaminated ground - Customers must inform us if the area/ground has been used for other purposes in the past - chemically  contaminated ground or areas used in the past as landfill etc. may mean that additional costs are incurred. 


Completion time-scales - These can only be estimated due to the nature of the weather and the availability of materials.


Measurements of projects  - these will vary in some instances compared to the initial plans.


Planning permission consent - It is solely the responsibility of the customer or home owner to ensure that they have the required planning permission for the proposed work to be carried out. 

Abbey Decking Systems & Fencing Services will provide a quote for the work and carry out the project with the understanding that planning permission  (where required) has been obtained by the responsible person and will complete the related project without any liability what so ever.

It is the responsibility of the home owner or responsible person to contact the local planning department if they are unsure of the legality of any proposed project to ensure that they are following their local planning rules.

Abbey Decking Systems & Fencing Services have the ability to complete many variations in respect of differing projects including general projects/bespoke and those designed by the customer.  We will provide the highest quality of service possible.



Full payment must be made on completion of the work.  We have suppliers to pay within set time-scales and appreciate prompt payment.

Additional costs  - In some situations additional materials may be required such as additional top soil, decking boards, bark etc. depending on the project.  This is something that will be discussed with the customer when the quote is given and it will be written into the formal quote.

Any "extras" will be charged for if they are not discussed and agreed at the initial planning stage. The quotation will detail all work to be done for the agreed price.

All materials remain the property of Abbey Decking Systems & Fencing Services until payment has been made in full.  By agreeing to contract with Abbey Decking Systems & Fencing Services you agree that supplied materials can be removed from your property if you have not paid for them in full.

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